Tiger eye and lava earrrings. Handmade earrings, with hook closure, made with semi-precious stones in special shape of 13x18mm and carved magmatic-igneous stones in shape of 4mm ball. Jewels with soul and personality, which transmit peace and balance into your energy.


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Tiger eye The tiger's eye in former times, was the favorite stone of thieves, since it was believed that it gave them the power to ensure success in their activities, the game, etc... Since ancient times till our time, the tiger's eye is widely used against the bad intentions (bad luck). It is a protective stone that has been traditionally worn as a talisman against curses and bad intentions . Ideal to protect you from all negative energies. The tiger's eye is said to bring good luck. Its brown and bright yellow colors, with a striped design, are associated with the Sun and the Earth, that is why its properties on the one hand push us and help us to have our feet on the ground and on the other hand they enliven freedom, it can eliminate depression and bring light and optimism The tiger's eye eases the manifestation of the will. Helps to gain inner freedom and broaden perceptions and insight. Strengthens faith in oneself, increasing confidence and security, as it provides inner strength and raises self-esteem helping to achieve goals. The tiger's eye recommended for eye, throat, reproductive system and bone problems. Lava Volcanic stones or lava stones are rocks that are formed by the cooling of lava. Lava is said to help release oppressed feelings, provide vitality and sharpen the survival instinct, reinforce feelings of security and confidence. Most black minerals provide security and stability, help protect us from negative energies, and focus our attention.

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A good care of your jewel will allow you to enjoy it as it was on the first day, for a longer time following some tips: 1. Do not take it to the beach or pool, since salt water, sun rays or sand could potentially damage it. 2. Store it in individual bags or in a jeweler box with separations, to avoid rubbing and scratching. 3. When using perfume, cream, oil or other cosmetic, wait for it to evaporate before wearing your jewel.

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