River pearls earrings. Handmade earrings, with hook closure . Jewels with soul and personality, which transmit peace and balance into your energy.


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River Pearls River pearls, as their name suggests, come from non-saline places such as rivers, these, in particular, are very common to find in places like the Caribbean, Japan, China or Australia. These are formed in the interior of some mollusks and nowadays are one of the most valuable organic gems. These come in various colours, which depend on the oyster from which they come acquiring tonalities such as whitish, pink or peach and sometimes even taking violet-like colours. These, in Japanese culture, symbolize kindness, loyalty and justice, spreading those values ​​to the rest of the globe. They also indicate innocence, modesty and purity in the person who wears them, and, in many civilizations, they were given to those who suffered palpitations, fears or anguish since they absorb negative energy and reassure the wearer. In addition, they open and stimulate the basal chakra.

Product Care

A good care of your jewel will allow you to enjoy it as it was on the first day, for a longer time following some tips: 1. Do not take it to the beach or pool, since salt water, sun rays or sand could potentially damage it. 2. Store it in individual bags or in a jeweler box with separations, to avoid rubbing and scratching. 3. When using perfume, cream, oil or other cosmetic, wait for it to evaporate before wearing your jewel.

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