Sponge coral and lava bracelet. Elastic bracelet, handmade.

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The Sponge/Appel Coral The Sponge Coral comes from the Indian Ocean, and it exists in several colours, such as red or pink, which are the most common one since its use is very widespread as it is believed that it helps the health of the owner, and it fuses aspects as soul, mind, and body. Although they also exist in lighter colours such ones being yellow or white. In nature, it is commonly found with porosities; nonetheless a thin layer of resin it is added to it afterwards making it smoother and shiny. This element has been known for centuries, and even some of the most recognized kings o emperors had them in their clothes, one case being the King of Nápoles, who usually carried one of these with him since it transmitted him good vibrations and threated away any evil from him. It is the most efficient periapt against slander and envy, furthermore, being a notorious aphrodisiac. Lava Volcanic stones or lava stones are rocks that are formed by the cooling of lava. Lava is said to help release oppressed feelings, provide vitality and sharpen the survival instinct, reinforce feelings of security and confidence. Most black minerals provide security and stability, help protect us from negative energies, and focus our attention.

Product Care

A good care of your jewel will allow you to enjoy it as it was on the first day, for a longer time following some tips: 1. Do not take it to the beach or pool, since salt water, sun rays or sand could potentially damage it. 2. Store it in individual bags or in a jeweler box with separations, to avoid rubbing and scratching. 3. When using perfume, cream, oil or other cosmetic, wait for it to evaporate before wearing your jewel.

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