About Us

Large selection of exclusive products, merged between India and Europe. Made with ecological cotton, natural cork, lava,semi precious stones and amultitudeofexqui site details.

This company was created in 2003 by Amit and Eva, with three points of sale located in Lanzarote (Spain) and one in the cruise port of Madeira (Portugal), always with a desire to excel, they take care of every detail of their products, offering excellent quality to their customers. We lead in firsts and we are proud to offer an excellent quality alternative in fabrics and materials, compared to the artificial one that other companies are tempted to exhibit.

Our collection of organic cotton, beneficial for the environment and our health because it is grown and grows in fertile fields free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. It is known for its comfort, because the skin breathes better and gives a feeling of relaxation when used.